How Baltic Wonder Amber Teething Necklaces Work

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Teething pains, am I right? I feel like teething always pops up as a surprise, an a-ha! moment in the life of a family (except that obviously no one is laughing, ever. It seems like whenever my family is at a calm point (and believe me: these are few and far between) it happens. A baby starts to wail and rub her gums, or a toddler walks over to me, holding his cheek in his palm, and it hits me: here go another few weeks devoted to the aches and pains of teething.

I’ve tried just about every trick in the book to help my little ones cope with the trials of teething. Besides the pain, there’s the drool to consider, and overall sour mood that teething so often seems to put them in. And when I say every trick, I mean all of them: the creams, the tablets, the pain relievers, everything.

I was recently introduced to Baltic Wonder amber teething necklaces by a friend, and my curiosity was piqued: could a simple strand of amber beads actually do something to help my teething terrors out? It turns out that the answer is a powerful, resounding yes.

Within hours of putting the Baltic Wonder amber teething necklace on, my little teether was back to her cherry, relaxed self—which means we were all happier.

How Baltic Wonder Amber Teething Necklaces Work

The method behind the baltic amber teething necklace is easy to understand. Europeans from the Baltic region (think Lithuania) have been using necklaces made of amber beads to treat teething for centuries. Why? Because amber—and more specifically, amber harvested from the Baltic—is an all-natural, safe remedy for pain. Amber harvested from the Baltic has the highest amounts of succinic acid, which is what makes the necklaces work.

Succinic acid is an oil found in amber, and can be used to treat the common cold, inflammation, fevers and pain. When your baby wears a Baltic Wonder amber teething necklace, their body heat immediately begins to heat up the amber inside the beads. This in turn sets the succinic acid in motion, which releases the the treatment oil into the skin. The oil goes through the skin to the bloodstream, and your baby starts feeling better. Bye, drooly sad baby!

Six Different Options

In addition to working small miracles by way of treating teething pain, Baltic Amber necklaces, found at www.BalticWonder.Com, are also really cute. They come in six different color options: polished cognac, polished honey, polished multi four-color, raw honey color, raw cherry, and raw multi-four color. Each necklaces is only $19.99, and comes with its own bag for safekeeping and storage. Remember: you never want to put your baby to sleep while they’re wearing the necklace—Baltic Wonder necklaces should only be worn while your baby is awake.

How to Order Your Baltic Wonder Necklace

Ordering a Baltic Wonder amber teething necklace couldn’t be easier (yay!). Simply head over to Baltic Wonder, choose the necklace you like best, and boom: your necklace is on its way.

Thanks to Baltic Wonder necklaces, more babies and toddlers are having stress-free teething experiences. I don’t know about you, but to me that's definitely something worth celebrating.

Jenn Sanders
Marketing Assistant at Baltic Wonder

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