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What city do you live in?



How long have you been breastfeeding?


 6 months

and counting!

What is your parenting style?

My parenting style is definitely a more natural approach. I make all my own soaps, lotions, baby wipes, etc., and baby wearing is a must! That's why I just adore the milk and baby kangaroo shirt, definitely a must have.

Who is your favorite parenting/breastfeeding/pregnancy icon? Alicia Silverstone and Kourtney Kardashians crunchy momma style are so admirable to me. 

What is the one breastfeeding item you can't live without? Would have to be nursing bras!

One sentence on why you love breastfeeding? There's nothing like looking down at your perfectly precious baby's face knowing the bond your creating while your body is providing the most valuable nutrition for your little honey!

Favorite children's music? Raffi! My momma used to play Raffi songs for us when we were little so I love passing that on to my little! Brings back so many wonderful memories.

Favorite milk and baby item? How can you choose just one?!! lol From the daddy scrubs to the matching mommy/baby hospital outfits, I love it all..

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