Dec 07, 2015

Every Baby deserves a first Christmas Ornament and we've rounded up a few ideas to inspire you this season.


1. Footprint

Is there anything more precious than little baby feet? Preserve your little one footprint forever with this simple baby feet ornament. Instructions on how to make it found HERE

2. Scrapbook Ornament

Here's a special way to keep those hospital bands and first little cap to remember each time you trim the tree. Instructions on how to make it HERE

3. A Slice of Baby's first Christmas Tree

Save a slice of the tree trunk and apply finish to remember your baby's first holiday season. Instructions HERE

4. The Baby Shoe Ornament

Looking for something simple you know you can pull off yourself? Try this simple baby shoe ornament. Just write the birth details on the sole of the shoe. Details HERE


5. The Onesie Ornament

Not the Crafty Type at all? Don't worry, Etsy has you covered with this precious memento of baby's first Christmas. Find it HERE


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