Valentine's Day with Babies and Toddlers

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Sensory play for babies is so important while they grow and learn about the world around them. Here are a few ideas of how to incorporate Valentine’s Day into your sensory play time with baby.

Baby Feet Valentines

This is a fun sensory activity that can be done with your youngest Valentine. Paint the bottoms of your baby’s feet and turn them into a great gift for mommy, daddy, grandma or whomever.

Potato Heart Art

This craft requires a little more fine motor skills, but the potato stamp gives your toddler a bit bigger of a tool to hold to while stamping out their heart-felt Valentines. It's great eye-hand coordination fun!

Salt Dough Crafts


This project makes a great keepsake and can include hands, feet, siblings, and puppy-dogs. Salt-dough is made with non-toxic baking ingredients. The dough is shaped, baked, and then painted however you’d like. You can make impressions into the dough, or you can make shapes with cookie-cutters, and then paint them to create a fun mobile.


Decorate your windows with this fun activity that just takes a little contact paper cut into a giant heart then taped sticky-side up to the window. Let your little ones make a mosaic with tissue paper from there. Beautiful!

Sensory Play


Create a Valentine’s Day sensory tub for your little one. Fill it with dyed rice, bowls and spoons for scooping, cookie cutters, and other shapes from the kitchen. Plus, maybe add a leftover holiday bow, tissue paper, or other colorful and crinkly items.

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