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Pregnancy Keepsakes

These are the nine months that will transform the rest of your life. It is the one anticipatory time of your life that will no-doubt end in love at first sight. Here are a few ideas of how to capture it in a special keepsake.

 1. Photos

A professional photography session that specializes in maternity photos is a fun and affordable way to include the whole family in on the fun. A professional photographer will work hard to capture the individual personalities of each member of the family and include them in the excitement of anticipating your baby’s arrival. Whether you want to include the soon-to-be big brother or big sister, grandparents, as well as aunts-and-uncles, or you want to capture the intimacy of you and your spouse, a special image will encapsulate the moment forever. Oh and if you’re looking for something fabulous to wear for the photo session. Check out some of the fabulous maternity dresses right here on Milk and Baby

Thank you Malory Fox of  Bailey-Kade Photography for sharing these photos. You can see more of her work here on Facebook.




2. Belly Molds

The concept is as simple as the paper mâché you played with in high school art class.  It starts with applying vaseline or other lubricant on the areas of the body you want to mold and then layering on plaster-soaked gauze. Some women just mold their bellies, others choose a pose that includes their arms or hands. The most popular seems to be a mold of the belly and breasts. After the mold is made, you can decorate it any way you’d like. You can leave it plain, paint it, decoupage it, or even create a beautiful mosaic. If you like concept of the keepsake, but not the idea of having a full-body mold of your pregnant body hanging on the wall, maybe make a beautiful Belly Bowl like the one pictured above.

Belly cast kits can be purchased online.

Photo Credits:


3. Fine Art

The transformation of a woman’s body has inspired artists for hundreds of years. If you are one who appreciates and enjoys original artwork, then consider commissioning an artist to capture your pregnancy in a way that means the most to you. The expense can vary depending on the size, pose, and medium chosen. For example an 11x14 black and white drawing will not cost as much as a life-size portrait in oil on canvas. Seek out an artist you enjoy and see what works for you and your budget. A portrait of this quality will pass down through generations and preserve this special moment in your family’s history.

Artists Featured

Joshua Diedrich is a Kalamazoo Michigan based sculptor and artist. You can see more of his work here.

Anna Rose Bain is a Dallas, Texas based artist. You can see more of her work here.


4. Journaling/Scrapbooking

If you’re more of a paper-and-pen kind-of person, then journaling is a good option. It doesn’t matter if you’re a journaling pro or if you need a prompt or two to get you writing. You don’t have to write in fancy or poetic words. What matters is that you put down what you may be thinking, feeling, even fearing. These simple observations will mean a lot to your child when they are older. One mom said she plans to give this special book to her daughter when she is expecting her first child. Her child will no-doubt treasure this gift.

Many of these books create space for pictures and ultrasound images to be included so it becomes part journal and part pregnancy scrap book.


5. Stop Motion Video

If you’re a little tech savvy and want to create your own time-lapse video this is a fun project. The idea is to take a picture of yourself everyday and use storybook software or movie-making software on your computer to make a two-minute movie out of nine months of belly growth.  Check out the two videos below for inspiration:



Bonnie Jean Feldkamp is a writer and mother of two. Find her on Twitter @writerbonnie or on Facebook at

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