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Skin to skin, also known as Kangaroo Care, is not only good for premature babies, but also is very beneficial for full term babies. What is skin to skin, you ask? To put it simply, the baby is placed naked on the mother's (or father's) chest. A lot of people practice it in the hospital, but it's also great to do at home. There are so many benefits for skin-to-skin that everyone should do it! Here is why:


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Why practice skin to skin in the hospital?

  1. Baby is happier and will cry less
  2. Temperature is more stable
  3. Heart rate is more regulated
  4. Breathing rate is more stable
  5. Maintains healthy blood sugar
  6. Baby is more likely to breastfeed sooner, longer and much more easily
  7. Baby is exposed to normal bacteria on the mother, which can protect them
  8. Increases bonding
  9. Decreases mom's anxiety
  10. Decreases mom's postpartum pain

Why practice skin to skin at home?

  1. Calm a fussy baby
  2. Stimulate a sleepy baby to nurse
  3. Keep baby warm and comforted
  4. Helps dad with bonding

Whether in the hospital or at home, Kangaroo Care is one of the best things you can do for your baby! It is suggested to practice several times a day (about 1 hour) decreasing slowly until about 3 months. It can be difficult to practice skin-to-skin in public. The Kangaroo Care Collection can help.