5 Halloween Costumes for Wearing your Baby

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Halloween can be so much fun! We've rounded up five fun costume ideas for you and your new baby.

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1. This is a simple and arguably a genius idea for a costume. No sewing required. Promise! This is made by wrapping your baby carrier in a homemade movie-theatre popcorn bag made with white felt that have red felt stripes hot-glued to it. Don't forget to glue some popcorn to your baby's hat (not while it's on him or her). Check out Kate's blog HERE for all of the details on how to make this.

2. Here's a metaphor for parenting if I've ever seen one. A very cute one though. This simple idea is easily executed by altering the clothes you already have in the closet. Just make a mask with a black scarf and add a dollar sign to a solid color onesie and you're set. Good luck holding on to your cash when this adorable due approaches. You can find more great ideas on Meg's Blog HERE

3. This is another great costume that only requires you to alter the clothing you may already have in your closet. Turn a long white skirt or dress into a spider web. Catch your little spider in your web. Just add legs to his or her baby carrier. Or, if you're looking for a ghoulish alternative you can "mummify" your baby in cotton bandage and turn him or her into an encased insect trapped in your web. Either way. What a great Costume!

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4. What Disney fan could resist could possibly resist this great Cruella Devile Costume? The Dalmatian costume and Cruella wig are easily purchased from a costume store and the rest of your costume can come right out of your closet or from the thrift store.

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5. If you're the overachiever and want to go all out for a family costume then this one is for you. The Zinke family purchased the bee costume for baby and some paint overalls for Dad to be the beekeeper. But Mom's costume and all of those bees are hand made. The bees are made from yellow pom-poms and black pipe cleaners and Mom's costume is made from Insulation piping and twine. You can read all of the details on her blog HERE.

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2 thoughts on “5 Halloween Costumes for Wearing your Baby

Bonnie Jean Feldkamp

Thanks, Kelli! I’m so glad! If you have any suggestions for articles feel free to let me know!

October 9, 2014 at 10:07am
little kelli

i have loved every article i have read from u so far and this one is no exception. i was just pintrest searching for ideas on baby wearing costumes yesterday. sadly saw nothing i could do but im still hopeful to find something b4 the end of the month i am hoping to find something funny :)

October 8, 2014 at 12:49pm

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