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When Breastfeeding Baby Gets a Cold: 5 Tips

When breastfeeding baby gets a cole: 5 tips

Having a cold is no fun at all and watching your little one suffer through one is worse. So many cold remedies are inappropriate for babies under the age of two but with a stuffy nose breast feeding can be a challenge. Not only can babies not breathe through their nose while eating, but also a sore throat and the pressure in their ears can make sucking and swallowing uncomfortable. The trick according to Dr Schneider of Suburban Pediatric Group in Cincinnati, Ohio is keeping their airways clear and making them comfortable while their little bodies fight through it.


Here are five tips:

  • 1 - Keep the nose clear with saline nasal spray, aspirator, nasal drops or a combination of all three when needed. Be careful not to over suction when using an aspirator. The suctioning can irritate the baby’s sensitive and already inflamed nasal lining, and thus exacerbate the problem.


  • 2 - Run a cool mist humidifier - add essential oils or Vicks to the vaporizer if desired, but do not put it directly on your baby. If ingested, it can be harmful. Warm mist is okay too for an infant, however if your baby is mobile, these can burn a child.


  • 3 - Prop one side of the baby’s crib mattress (not the baby) for more comfortable sleeping.


  • 4 - Nurse frequently. Long sessions may be frustrating as the nose continues to fill will mucus. Short but frequent feedings may be more manageable and comforting for your baby.


  • 5 - Contact your pediatrician to see if Tylenol is appropriate or helpful.

Always contact your physician if there is ever a concern with symptoms such as fever or difficulty breathing.


Bonnie Jean Feldkamp is a writer and mother of three. If you liked this posting please follow her on Twitter @writerbonnie or like her on Facebook at for more great info on Raising Kids. 



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