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Top Tips for Your Baby's First Christmas

Top Tips for Your Baby's First Christmas - Milk & Baby

Whether it’s your first child or the new baby in a family of five siblings, celebrating a child’s first Christmas can be commemorated. Here are some quick ideas to help you start planning for this next joyous occasion for your newborn. Picture Me Festive Time moves very quickly raising a little one, and often the pictures are the only things left to remind us of the precious times we shared. To celebrate a first Christmas, make a short list of all the memories you want to ensure are documented for years to come. While taking pictures with family members and loved ones is important, here are some creative ideas of where you may want to capture a memory with the new baby.

  • Poses with family animals dressed in holiday regalia
  • Elf on a shelf interactions
  • Placed in the manger of a local nativity scene
  • Baby in a Santa Hat or Reindeer ears
  • Peeking out of a wrapped gift box under the Christmas tree

First Mementos Many online retailers offer personalized items to commemorate a baby’s first Christmas. Etsy has a number of good options, and these make fabulous gifts for the new mom who probably has the best of intentions ordering cute trinkets but may be overwhelmed with her new role as mom. After the holidays, make sure to store all these first Christmas prizes in a separate storage box, so you can bring them out to show the baby when they are all grown up in a few years. They will be touched how much thought went into helping the family celebrate the occasion. Turning the holiday photos into Christmas ornaments also makes a nice gift to give to relatives, so they can hang a memory on their trees each year too. Make sure to create two for yourself – one for you to keep with your ornaments and the other to send off with the baby when they have their own tree. Traditions Begin The first Christmas routine sets the bar for future years to come. While you may have an established holiday routine, the new addition to the family changes things entirely. Do you want to spend the holidays in your own home or traveling to grandma’s house? Who gets Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner? These are the decisions you can experiment with while the little one won’t have the memory themselves, but you only have a year or two before the Christmas routine becomes tradition and sacred. Other traditions you can begin may include:

  • Visiting the same Santa Claus each year
  • Taking the family holiday photo in the same location every year
  • Begin putting cookies for Santa together
  • Attending a church service together with the immediate family
  • Reading the Christmas story from the Bible after Christmas Eve dinner
  • Have grandma or grandpa read the poem Twas the Night Before Christmas after Christmas Eve dinner
  • Use a Nativity Calendar to countdown the days before Christmas

Traveling Light If you decide to go to grandma’s house for the holiday, try to pack as light as you can for the journey. While you may want the conveniences of have a dozen extra bottles (if you use them) and five packs of diapers handy, unless grandma actually lives in the woods, her dishwasher likely works just fine, and there should be a local discount store nearby where you can make a quick run to restock the diapers. This also could give you a much needed respite from the holiday cheer, and there will be any number of willing hands to hold the precious babe while you are gone. Here are some great tips for how to do this. Keep in mind that the family likely will have lots of presents for you and the baby, so you will have a bigger larger load to take home than you brought with you. If you packed light from the beginning, it will help ensure there is room to take back all the goodies Santa brought the new baby too. Breathe and Soak It In This can be a very hectic and busy time, so above all, make sure to find the moments of peace when you can either relax with your new little bundle of joy or breathe. Time is too precious to be totally consumed with busy work, so either plan or steal those precious moments when you can. Above all, breathe and see if you can slow down the clock for just a few minutes and soak it all in. Years later, you will be glad you did that as they will pass in the blink of an eye.

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