baby registry

I love registries.
I love making sure I can buy a gift that I know the recipient wants! I'm sure most people feel this way too. That's why you shouldn't feel bad making or sharing your baby registry with friends & family. Still, there are ways that it can be done tacky, so that's why we're sharing our 3 best tips for polite ways to share your baby registry.
Slip a note into the invitation - This is probably the most common and easiest way to share your registry in a non-pushy manor. It's not recommended to actually print it on the invitation, but you can create a nice printed or handwritten note to include. We made a nice printable one for you here:


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invitation insert


Let all your close friends and family know - People are going to ask where you are registered. Make sure that whomever is hosting your shower knows where you are registered so they can be sure to pass that information along when asked! An easy way for them to do this is for you to share your registry link via e-mail. They are then able to forward that information to anyone that asks.


If they ask, tell them - Don't be shy. If someone asks you where you are registered, tell them. If they asked, they want to know, so don't just say, "whatever is fine."


Milk & Baby Tip: Register early! As soon as people find out your expecting, the excitement spreads! It's much easier for friends & family to find what you want if you have a registry.


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