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5 Tips for C-Section Recovery

5 Tips for C-Section Recovery - Milk & Baby

Sometimes we get advance notice that we're delivering via C-Section. Other times it's an emergency decision and we feel left unprepared. These five tips may help you feel a little less shaken if you find yourself in this situation. 

1. Underwear that Doesn't Rest on Your Suture Line

Those bikini underwear that were great for resting below your pregnant belly aren't so great when it comes to putting them on after a surgical delivery. Special CPanties like the ones pictured above are great to have on hand if you know in advance that you'll be delivering via cesarian. However, in a last-minute pinch a pair of your husband's boxer shorts may be just what you need. New mom Nicole England said that was one thing she wished she'd thought of for post-op recovery. Learn more about CPanties HERE.

2. No-Slip Socks

labor socks

No matter how you give birth these are a must for your hospital stay. Mom, Amanda Wooden says for her first child she was so cold. She could only wear a bra and socks for her emergency cesarean delivery. The meds made her feel even more cold. The hospital brought her a pair of socks to wear, but for her second child - also a cesarean - she brought her own no-slip socks and wore them the whole time for warmth and comfort. 


3. No Pants!

No matter how loose you think your maternity pants may fit post delivery, the elastic is still uncomfortable on your suture line after a C-section. Plan to wear a loose-fitting nursing gown or dress home from the hospital. Keep it loose around your stomach for maximum comfort. Find more Options HERE


4. Take a Pillow for the Ride Home

The ride home from the hospital will feel extra bumpy post surgery. There are a couple of things you can do to help minimize feeling every single bump in the road. Sit in the back seat with your little one and bring a pillow. Hold the pillow against your abdomen with gentle counter-pressure. The gentle counter-pressure will stabilize your aching tummy and not jostle you around so much when you hit the unseen potholes on your route to home. Find this adorable pillow case and others HERE

5. Opt for the Football Hold when Breastfeeding

When nursing, the Football or Clutch hold is the best post c-section. It keeps the baby from lying against your suture line and accidentally kicking you where you're most sensitive. 

  • Sit Comfortably in a chair or couch.
  • Place a pillow on the side you wish to breastfeed from
  • Cradle the baby's head in your hand while making sure his feet curl behind you and not get pinned by the chair or couch. 
  • Guide your breast with your opposite hand to ensure a proper latch. 


Bonnie Jean Feldkamp is a writer and mother of two. If you liked this posting please follow her on Twitter @writerbonnie or like her on Facebook at


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