Jul 19, 2017

So you're between 32 & 35 weeks along and ready to pack your labor bag. If you're pregnant or know someone that is that wants to make sure they don't forget anything, you've come to the right place. We at milk & baby know what a special time this is for new moms and want to help. In the spirit of moming, we've collected sage advice from veteran moms all across the land to help you out. There's a sisterhood of seasoned mama's out there that have learned a thing or two!



"Nursing bra/camis, yoga pants, maternity or flowy shirt, baby book (it's so much easier to have the nurses put baby's footprints in at hospital than doing it at home), "special" shower gel/toiletries (something that makes you feel good), muslin swaddle for baby, skin to skin shirt"



"Toothbrush and facial wipes. I didn't have an opportunity to shower very easily after #1 was born, but getting to wipe my face and brush my teeth made me feel like a new woman."



"Besides the norm: extra cell charger + change for the vending machine for your hubby/partner(or a mini cooler for snacks/drinks) & your own toiletries & hair ties a plenty.......I'm READY TO GO! * GIVING BIRTH TO #3 SHOULD BE A GOOD CHANGE , FIRST TIME AWAY FROM MY 2 YEAR OLD & HAVING SOMEONE COOK FOR ME FOR 3 DAYS IN A ROW& NOT HAVING TO WORRY ABOUT CLEANING UP AFTER 3 BOYS A HOME...YIPPEE"



"For mom-Adult diapers! That may sound silly but they are WAY better than the mesh boy shorts and massive pads!"



"Specifically for the hospital.. Bring your own super cushy roll of toilet paper. Depends undergarments, your own peri-care products if you aren't into the not-so natural things they provide you at the hospital. A fan, you get hot in labor sometimes. A tennis ball in a sock for counter pressure, rice sock for a re-useable heat pack. Lip balm, a water bottle with a flexible straw or a camel pack and hang it on the bed behind your head. Extra pillows/ large towels. A firm postpartum belly binder, I felt really hollow and unstable even after having a vaginal birth. The binder helped me feel like my organs and pelvis wasn't going to fall apart."



"Everyone is different. I packed based off a list in a magazine with our firstborn and didn't use half of it. Same with 2nd and with 3rd I streamlined it but still didn't really use much.I would say my #1 go to though was slippers. I HATE socks but needed something for when I would walk around... cheap cozy slippers provided a sense of comfort."



"CHOCOLATE ! Snacks,drinks, ear phones , andrex wipes , disposable underwear , fluffy socks , i pad (sky go saves paying for the tv ) infacol and nipple cream are my must haves along with all the norm wash stuff clothes for both nappys ect"



"Xmas lights! Gives enough light to you/partner and nursing staff to do your thing without turning on the overhead lights! But dark enough to still sleep. Plus they're just better. ✨"



"We brought our own sound machine to help with the hospital hallway noise."



2 must-haves that I rarely see on lists: First, a manual breastpump to use during 3rd stage of labor to stimulate natural oxytocin in the case of postpartum hemorrhage - worked like a dream for me. And second, a Kangaroo care top to keep baby skin to skin comfortably in your hospital bed. Made breastfeeding on demand so easy, helped milk come in fast, and baby didn't cry at all because he wasn't separated from me. Nurses were totally fine with him sleeping on my chest because he was so secure in the kangaroo top.



"Lotion. Many births I have attended and lotion is something that is always lacking and the hospital doesn't have"



"I know this is random, but an extension cord! There was no good place to plug in my phone or anything so my husband brought an extension cord so I could have it by me :) And a good robe - all you need is a bra (optional), underwear, and a good robe and you're ready to go!"



"Toiletries, flip flops and slippers, extra comfy clothes, robe, chargers, I went ahead and brought my hair dryer and straightener and I did have time to use it so that was nice. Easy open shirts for nursing. Snacks. Bobby and simple clothes for baby. Have dad pack a separate bag for himself."



"Headphones were my must have this third kid. I was really able to distract myself from the contractions thru music."



"Nursing gown!! No way I was putting on pants right after giving birth!!"



"Chapstick, hair tie, flip flops for shower, slippers, cupcake and a zero number candle for Birth-day pic. Baby hand mittens, their nails can be sharp."


We hope these were really helpful for you. Of course, you can always check in our shop for some of the basic stuff you'll want! And remember, there's no such thing as the perfect bag. Take what works for you and you're doing great mama!


Kim Inge and Beth Knockwafel

Co-founders of Milk & Baby

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