So you've got a newborn and a kiddo headed back to school. Navigating getting a kid to and from school with a newborn can be tough. In the spirit of mom-ing, we've collected sage advice from veteran moms all across the land to help you out. There's a sisterhood of seasoned mama's out there that have learned a thing or two!

Advise from been there moms  

Check the weather the night before if possible and lay out rain boots, rain jackets, umbrellas! That's my worst thing is forgetting to check the weather and scrambling to find umbrellas

-Jessica Lynn

Invest in a wrap/carrier that can free up your hands. Makes everything from making lunches to doing hair for school so much easier if your hands are free. 3 of my 6 kids were born within a month of the start of the school year. I know this challenge well!


Have everything ready the night before....clothes ,lunch, backpack etc.Designate a spot for school stuff so nothing will get lost in the busy life shuffle


Pack all your backpack items and lunches at night. Lay out clothes the night before, with assistance if you have a fashionista. Keep breakfasts simple and easy to eat. And finally, don’t feed the bigs until they are dressed!


It takes a village...find your village!


Ask for help! I was able to ask a mom from school to bring my son home a few days a week. It helped so much because getting to the bus stop during nap time was really hard!


We hope these were really helpful for you. And remember, there's no such thing as the perfect day. Take what works for you and you're doing great mama!


Kim Inge and Beth Knockwafel

Co-founders of Milk & Baby