Morning Boost Bundle Milk & Baby

Morning Boost Bundle

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*Yawwwn* Getting going in the morning as a new mama can be hard, especially when you didn't get a great night of sleep! The Morning Boost Bundle is here to save the day and give her morning routine an element of self care and self love.

First, elevate that morning shower with the Morning Shower Mist that is designed with aromas to stimulate and uplift the mind and body. Next, supercharge that caffeine intake with a warm cup of....affirmation! The Great Mom Mug is a loving little pick-me-up to start the day. Our Affirmation Magnet is another great ritual she can add to the start of the day, helping her recite affirmations about the challenges and beauty of motherhood.  Last but not least, the Boost Oil Roller included offers an on the go pick me up anywhere, anytime. It's herbal blend is also designed to provide a mental boost, and sometimes even just smelling it will do the trick!