Luxe Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf with Leather Cuff

Itzy Ritzy

$ 50.00


Luxe infinity breastfeeding scarf with multipurpose leather cuff. Luxuriously soft modal & genuine leather cuff. Full coverage in the back and front ensures your privacy.

Multifunctional and easily transforms to meet your needs. Infuse with your comforting scent by wearing as a scarf during pregnancy. Once your baby is born, the familiar small will promote bonding during breastfeeding and can be worn for years to come.

  • INFINITY SCARF  - wear as a double looped infinity scarf around neck featuring accessorized with genuine leather cuff. Cuff can also be strategically worn on either wrist as a breastfeeding reminder.
  • BREASTFEEDING SCARF - use as a full coverage breastfeeding cover, promoting skin to skin bonding while nursing or bottle feeding.
  • SUBTLE REMINDER CUFF - wear cuff on wither wrist as fashion accessory or subtle breastfeeding reminder which breast to nurse with next.
  • CUFF SECURES SHIRT - use cuff to secure shirt above breast for easy breastfeeding or pumping.

Scarf and cuff included. Shirt is not included.

Warning: This product is not intended for use as a baby carrier or sling. Do not leave baby unattended while using this product.

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