Cardimom - cardigan / cover / poncho


$ 60.00 $ 49.99


Convertible Nursing and Maternity Cardigan. You're going to love how versatile and stylish this new item is! Nurse your baby in style!

  • maternity sweater grows with you
  • doubles as an infant seat or stroller canopy and a babywearing cardigan
  • machine washable
  • full coverage for a more comfortable nursing experience
  • 100% lightweight knit

 The first top that can be worn before you even say the word pregnant and can go with you through all the stages until you are nursing. The poncho has a full front allowing you to use it for a full coverage nursing cover.  The sleeves allow you to have coverage on the side and in the front and back - unlike a nursing blanket or cover, it is part of your wardrobe, you don't try to hide it after wearing it, and you have it on you so you don't have to worry about forgetting it or fishing it out of your bag. If you don't like covering up while nursing, don't worry! This soft cotton carries your scent - you can use it to cover baby when holding them, to wear it over your baby carrier in the front (as poncho or cardigan) or back (as a cardigan) and it can be used as a stroller canopy or carrier canopy. With so many ways to use it, you won't be disappointed by adding this to your arsenal.

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