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Skin-to-Skin Cami & Bandeau Set Milk & Baby
Skin-to-Skin Cami & Bandeau Set Milk & Baby

Ensemble caraco et bandeau peau à peau

Taille Tableau des tailles XS
CouleurBleu lagon

Liberté et mouvement avec bébé près de votre cœur.

Cet ensemble pratique en deux pièces vous permet de tenir bébé mains libres en position debout ou en mouvement. Maman peut bouger librement tout en tenant son petit. Le bandeau peut être utilisé seul en position semi-assise, ce qui en fait un incontournable de votre valise de maternité.

La camisole offre un contact peau à peau sûr et un allaitement discret en cas de besoin.

La coupe transversale à l'avant crée un petit cocon de douceur et de chaleur pour bébé. Les nouveau-nés resteront en position fœtale et les bébés plus âgés seront assis en position "M", les jambes insérées dans les fentes latérales.

Un vêtement qui offre à la fois confort et confiance, permettant aux mamans de porter bébé jusqu'à environ 15 lb. (7,5 kg).

  • Ses caractéristiques pratiques permettent de tenir bébé les mains libres
  • Le fait qu'il soit fabriqué sans attaches, velcro, agrafes ou nœuds
  • Sa polyvalence
  • Son style classique qui se coordonne avec le reste de votre garde-robe
  • Fabriqué en : jersey extensible 4 directions haute densité (94 % coton / 6 % élasthanne) et est certifié Oeko-Tex.
  • Dimensions : longueur du dos à partir de l'épaule : 61 cm (24")
  • Porte un bébé pesant jusqu'à environ 15 livres. (7,5 kg)
  • Fabriqué de manière éthique au Canada
  • Technologie BREVETÉE
    Why we love it

    Made of: high density 4-way stretch jersey (94% cotton / 6% spandex) and is certified Oeko-Tex.Its practical features allow baby to be held hands-free
    The fact that it's manufactured without ties, Velcro, staples, or knotting
    Its versatility
    Its classic style that coordinates with the rest of your wardrobe


    Dimensions: length of back from shoulder: 61 cm (24")
    Carries a baby weighing up to approximately 15 lbs. (7.5 kg)
    PATENTED technology

    Note: Caring for premature babies, low birth weight babies or those with health problems should always be done under the supervision of a healthcare professional. Consult your doctor before using this garment.

    How to use

    To place baby inside the T-shirt:

    Rest baby onto your shoulder. Slide baby’s opposite leg inside the cross panel and extend foot to the other side of the panel.

    Pull the panel's fabric up, and stretch it so it covers baby's bottom and back all the way to below the knees. Pivot baby to the other shoulder and repeat these steps. BABY MUST BE WELL SEATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THE “X”.

    Readjust the side panels then lift the bandeau over them, making sure the knees are well bent, and that the feet are resting in the bandeau’s fabric. Slide baby's head into a natural position in the neckline's fold (facing) without burying baby's nose.


    WARNING - Failure to follow the
    manufacturer's instructions may cause serious injury
    and even death.

    Baby may suffocate in this product if improperly positioned or if baby's face is crushed against your body.
    Babies born prematurely or with breathing problems are at a greater risk.

    Check baby's face often to make sure mouth and nose are visible and never blocked - and check baby's skin tone, which should be rosy.
    Remain attentive to your baby's needs, and do not sleep ** - unless someone else is watching baby.

    If you are breastfeeding your baby in the garment, make sure his/her head is out of the garment and that his/her nose is not blocked. Once you are done breastfeeding, immediately reposition baby vertically between your breasts.

    Ensemble caraco et bandeau peau à peau

    Shipping & Returns

    Shipping & Returns

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 32 reviews
    A must!

    These are absolutely wonderful! I use it from the first day in the hospital till baby gets too big. Nothing soothes my little ones better than being right next to me, and these shirts still allow me two hands for cooking, folding, and playing with my bigger kids.

    It seems awesome.

    It seems awesome. I haven\'t had a chance to use it yet lol. I am still pregnant possibly till July 12th. I love the feel of the material though, and my husband is excited to try out the cummerbund.

    Love it!

    Love it! Best investment. It was true to the size.

    I love this shirt.

    I love this shirt. My baby is so happy when he is snuggled in here and I have two hands free to get stuff done or play with my toddler.

    God bless whoever invented this!!

    I would give this 100 stars if I could. It is comfortable and holds baby very snug inside. The bandeau makes it even more secure but when Im laying on the couch with my babe, I dont really need it. The benefits of the skin to skin are incredible. Ive found it has even helped my little one with her reflux. On the days when we do kangaroo care, she spits up much much less, sometimes not at all. Im a believer! The only bad thing is they are pricy. I would love to have 3-4 in this style. You get sweaty so you have to wash them frequently.