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Interview with Jill Krause

Jill Krause of Baby Rabies

Each month we like to feature someone in the baby industry that we admire. Someone that is doing great things and making a splash! We think you're really going to enjoy this month's feature, Jill Krause of Baby Rabies. It's an amazing blog that's all where Jill writes honestly and a little too openly about pregnancy, parenthood, and all the moments in life that she has to laugh at or she just might cry into a bottle of wine. Baby Rabies… it’s more than a fever. We hope you enjoy this one!

A little about Jill...

Jill lives in Dallas, TX though really she lives in the suburbs. She and her husband have 4 children. They have  Kendall, boy (almost 9), Leyna, girl (6), Lowell, boy (3.5), and Wallace, boy (5 months).

 Jill has  been blogging about babies and pregnancy business for 10 years this summer! That's a long time! She started when she abruptly decided that she actually didn't want to wait 5 more years to have a baby. Jill wanted to get pregnant right then. She found she had something a bit more than baby fever. She had baby rabies. So Jill bought the dot com and started blogging about it. As the years have gone by, she has found she is passionate about parenthood. Yes, she love babies, but what she's passionate about is bringing parents together, getting real about our struggles, laughing with each other, and advocating for supporting ourselves and each other.

We asked her about her most proudest parenting moment. She said, " I think I'm most proud of helping moms and people who love moms recognize perinatal mood and anxiety disorders in themselves. I've been open about my struggles with postpartum anxiety and OCD, and, through that, I've been able to help many people find help for themselves and moms they love who are also struggling." 

When asked about balancing work & motherhood, she was brutally truthful. She said, "I'll be honest, I don't do it gracefully. My day looks like a mess most of the time. I'm working hard to be intentional in 2017, carving out time only for what matters and leaving behind a lot of unnecessary stress so I can continue to grow my business without sacrificing time with my children."

Jill's favorite baby item at the moment with a newish baby is the DockATot . It's a great, safe place to lay Wallace when he's napping during the day, and he usually ends up in it at night. 

We asked Jill what her favorite product from milk & baby was. She told us that she recently started taking Barre classes, and she loves them in a way she  never knew she could love exercise. Her Barre3 location offers childcare, so she gets to bring Wallace with her. He's always hungry after class, so she loves bras that let her nurse him easily, like the Fit2Feed nursing sports bra .

Since this interview, Jill has started a new project called Happy Loud Life . This is so cool, you guys. They've achieved the American Dream. But they've found over time that it's become too much. It's taking over their lives. So they're packing up, selling the house, and taking their kids to homeschool them on the road. It's going to be an amazing journey and you should follow along!

Please post a comment if you have had any experience with Jill & Baby Rabies!

If you would like to learn more about Jill Krause, Baby Rabies, & Happy Loud Life, visit her websites or or check out her facebook page!

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