Each month we like to feature someone in the baby industry that we admire. Someone that is doing great things and making a splash! We think you're really going to enjoy this month's feature, January Harshe of Birth Without Fear. It's an amazing blog that's all about inspiration and support for women and their families through trying to conceive, pregnancy, birth and post partum journeys. We hope you enjoy this one!

January Harshe

January, the face behind Birth Without Fear, is passionate about many topics, but is most noteably known for supporting birth. She lives in Texas and loves it! January has 6 children ages 11, 9, 7, 5, 4 and 2 months!

January has been birthing herself since 2003. She begin Birth Without Fear in May 2010 and started Birth Without Fear Events in January 2014.

January Birth Without Fear Conference

Her own births sparked her passion for birth. Specifically, the growth and experiences January had with two cesareans, then VBACs. She wanted to inform and support other women in options and choices in birth. It grew from there.

January has moments on a daily basis that blow her away, give her chills, and make her proud. It's never ending. So many connections are made, friendships started and cultivated, healing takes place, women feeling informed, supported, and loved. Doing events, speaking, and talking to moms one on one is incredible! The people January meets and experiences she has are such a blessing. Something that was incredible for January was being featured on Huffington Post.

January Harshe

The biggest hurdle she's come to see is women need to love and care for themselves. There is a big movement in body positivity, but it goes deeper than that. If a woman has confidence in who she is and her choices, she will stand her ground in what she feels is best for her. She will hire care providers that support and respect her. She will fire providers who don't. She will uplift and support women around her more. January thinks how we feel about ourselves is a core issue that is overlooked greatly!

Her plans and goals are always to support women and take care of her family. How she does that is always evolving!

Speaking of being featured in Huffington Post, 4th Trimester Bodies Project is an incredible project that January is also passionate about. Ashlee Jackson and Laura Wilson are doing incredible work with women showing them it's OK to process, heal, and love themselves. For January personally, she participated at the height of learning to accept her own body, which led to an amazing response when she shared publicly. It also (unknown at the time of the photo shoot) captured the beginning of January's last pregnancy. 

 January Harshe 4th Trimester Bodies Project

Her favorite non profit would be Still Birthday. They do work that is greatly needed and not easy to cultivate. Heidi Faith (founder) is one of the most genuine people January has ever met. You can visit their site for more information.  

We asked January what product in the baby industry that she could not live without. She said, "Does Netflix count?" After a pause, she decided that after all the needed things (diapers, car seat, etc.), she would pick swaddle blankets. :) 

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If you would like to learn more about January Harshe and Birth Without Fear, visit her websites www.Birthwithoutfear.com or www.JanuaryHarshe.com or check out her facebook page!