Last week on the Milk and Baby Blog 

Sarah Reinhart gave us five great tips for taking better pictures of our kids. Read it HERE. Don't worry, I'll save your spot. 

This week, I've got a few great baby poses for you to try out those awesome tips from Sarah.


1. Watermelon Fun

Make it a seedless watermelon and let your little one have a taste. Catch all of the adorable action for your scrapbook.




2. Gone Fishing

This newborn photo is complete with gummy worms 



3. Sprinkler Fun

Let them go wild with the lawn sprinkler or garden hose and you're bound to get a one-of-a-kind summer shot. 


4. In the Tub

Take bath time outside with this vintage bathtub look.


5. In the Flowers

A country meadow and stressed chair makes this shot perfectly romantic. 



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