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Mae 3 in 1 Labor / Delivery / Nursing Gown

$ 34.99

Comfort and function are the main priorities in a labor gown - This 3 in 1 gown delivers!With a sewn in adjustable empire waistline you...

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Color: Mae

  • Mae
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Comfort and function are the main priorities in a labor gown - This 3 in 1 gown delivers!

With a sewn in adjustable empire waistline you can be sure of a perfect fit along with a discreetly hidden front panel, you can freely move around yet have easy access for medical examinations or fetal monitoring.

The elasticated armholes ensure coverage and comfort along with the pull down elasticated neckline, designed for instant skin to skin contact with your new baby or easy breastfeeding.

Snaps on both shoulders are yet another option to feed and snuggle.

Designed with your comfort in mind - the Baby Be Mine 3 in 1 Labor Gown has you covered!

  • Adjustable Empire waistline for a feminine yet functional fit.
  • Snaps down the back for total coverage.
  • Shoulder snaps for easy breastfeeding access.
  • Elasticated armholes ensuring a covered yet comfy fit.
  • Pull down elasticated neckline for instant skin to skin contact with baby.
  • Discreet front flap - move freely with easy access for examinations and monitoring.
  • 100% Cotton-Machine washable, Tumble dry low, Iron reverse


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 50 reviews

      I purchased this thinking I would be using it for a vaginal delivery. I ended up with a c section. I didn’t wear it in the OR but did for post op day 1 and LOVED it so much. It was ideal for breastfeeding, warmer and fit better than a regular hospital gown, and the snaps down the back worked so well with my epidural. I bought 2 colors and was thrilled to open the navy on day 2. I’ll be wearing them at home as well!

      Great nursing gown for the hospital

      I have heard mixed advice about bringing your own hospital gown for delivery day. I ended up having a c section and did not wear this for delivery (which I was glad about because i went through a couple hospital gowns due to bleeding). I changed into this on the second day when I was going to accept visitors and it was wonderful: comfortable, cute looking, made me feel more put-together to receive visitors, and very easy to breastfeed in. Highly recommend! I’m even wearing this as my favorite PJs post partum for the ease of nursing.

      Great for Delivery

      I just received this gown and am planning on wearing it after my delivery in a couple weeks. Great quality and very comfortable. It’s a little larger than expected, but I’d rather it be too big than too small. Overall, I’m very happy with this purchase, and look forward to having a comfortable and flattering gown to wear in the hospital!


      I was too out of it to change into this for laboring, but it was perfect for after I delivered. I was able to breast feed, have my vitals taken regularly, and it fit far better than the hospital gown.


      Really love this company and gown! Ordered a size to big and was able to exchange it with no hassle and the gown fit perfectly! Super comfortable and great fabric. Excited about using it on my delivery day!