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Nicole Gownies Labor & Delivery Gown

$ 29.99

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The time has finally arrived for you to deliver your sweet baby! Here is the perfect alternative to that old hospital gown. You want a stylish birthing gown!

This birth gown offers you the modesty you will crave with snaps down the back to cover from top to bottom along with off shoulder snaps on both sides allowing for easy breastfeeding & immediate skin to skin contact with your new baby.

Epidural? No problem, Gownies are designed to accommodate - We've got you covered!

  • 100% Cotton / Machine washable cold / Tumble dry low
  • Strings down the back? Forget it! Snaps down the back ensure total coverage from top to bottom
  • Front snap down panels allow YOU to easily open & close for examinations, breastfeeding & skin to skin contact with your baby
  • IV? No problem. Front snap down panels open completely. No need to unhook the IV! 
  • No more oversized, tatty old hospital gowns. This labor gown comes in 3 sizes.
  • Deliver in style & comfort! You will have those delivery & newborn pictures forever!
  • Hospital provided gowns are washed with harsh chemicals - say no & bring your own Gownie!
  • Hospital staff approved & appreciated
  • C-section? This labor & delivery gown is great during recovery - no binding in the belly area & easy medical access

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Customer Reviews

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Delivery gown

My daughter will love this for upcoming birth of her twins! Whether it is a natural birth or c- section, this gown will be perfect. Color and pattern is very cheerful and material is soft! Thank you for making this product!

I am very happy with my Gown and can't wait to wear it for my delivery.

I am very happy with my Gown and can't wait to wear it for my delivery. Washed it and it softened right up! Will definitely look better then the ones the hospital provide.

Extremely kind and helpful!

Extremely kind and helpful! Product made a great gift!!

Wonderful item!

Wonderful item! Super easy to put on and take off even with IV's in both arms! I felt comfortable walking around the halls afterwards that I wasn't exposing myself like I would have done in the one the hospital provided. And because I was so hot, this let air flow unlike the multi layers of the hospital gown and robe combo that I would have had to wear. Even the nursing staff asked where I got it and said that is what they needed for all their patients! Highly recommend having one (if not more) of these in your bag!