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Skin-to-Skin Cami & Bandeau Set with Breathable Back

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The Skin-to-skin Cami & Bandeau Set is hands-free when worn together. Kangaroo care has never been so stylish and easy.

This Skin-to-Skin Cami has a breathable mesh back. Perfect for postpartum moms that may get hot often. 

The cami can be worn on it's own (not hands-free), but also can be worn with the the Bandeau to be hands-free. Just slip the Bandeau over the Cami, from lower hips to under the breast.

 It is highly recommended to wear the Cami with the Bandeau to provide more support and more comfort (it easier to keep a nice "frog" position of baby).


Pull down the Bandeau, place baby inside Cami. "Frog" Position: place baby on your shoulder (unstable head resting on the shoulder) and dragging his leg into opposite side front panel. Then transfer Baby the other side and do the same thing. Let slip the baby down inside, his bottom inside the "X". Fetal Position: just slide baby inside in this natural curled position, into the bottom of the "X".

Pull the fabric to extend on back and shoulders. Spread the fabric along the bottom up under the knees. The buttocks should be down slightly because of the weight, the knees should then be higher (about navel height). Open the neckline facing over the head to maintain a safe and comfortable position (check if baby looks comfortable!) Then softly pull up the Bandeau over him. Baby should now be securely and comfortably held in a "normal" position for a baby: slightly curved back to mom, knees up, head positioned with ease breathing...


This item must be worn with the Bandeau to be hands-free.
Sizes: XS to 2XL
Patent Pending. Made in Canada.
Make sure that:
-Check with your baby's physician if premature.

The important measurement is the BUST. The balance is less important since the garment is stretchy. If you are in doubt, it is better to take a smaller size because this garment should fit snugly.


Please click here for how to position baby in the garment and cautions that should be taken.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Multi-functiom top and bandeau, what's not to love?

I love this top and band. My baby fits so snug in it in the light compression helps me feel all tucked in after my C-section. I often wear the bandeau as a skirt to with leggings. This multifunction top has made both nursing in kangaroo care with my son so easy. It says it's not for use as a carrier like the Mobi Wrap, but I have definitely use this top to hold my son while I cook. I would say this is a must for any new mom!

God bless whoever invented this!!

I would give this 100 stars if I could. It is comfortable and holds baby very snug inside. The bandeau makes it even more secure but when I’m laying on the couch with my babe, I don’t really need it. The benefits of the skin to skin are incredible. I’ve found it has even helped my little one with her reflux. On the days when we do kangaroo care, she spits up much much less, sometimes not at all. I’m a believer! The only bad thing is they are pricy. I would love to have 3-4 in this style. You get sweaty so you have to wash them frequently.

Love it!

Best product I've spent more than $100aud on! So handy and easy to use. My little girl loves it and falls asleep pretty much straight away when put in :p the ONLY problem is that the skin to skin head on chest gets reeeally hot so i find myself putting either a hand towel or one of her items of clothing on my chest so her head doesnt overheat. Other than that, its perfect :D

have not put the baby in yet- we like the idea.

have not put the baby in yet- we like the idea.

I love this shirt.

I love this shirt. My baby is so happy when he is snuggled in here and I have two hands free to get stuff done or play with my toddler.