Surely you realize that baby won’t understand much of it and most certainly won’t notice the difference between a party that’s $$$ and one that’s just $.

Last year more than 11,000 reported injuries where attributed to fireworks along with the average 230 trips to the emergency room per day in the month surrounding Fourth of July celebrations. According to Safe Kids Worldwide it's best to leave the fireworks to the professionals. Take your family to see a public fireworks display, don't try to create on on your own. 

For your Fourth of July Celebration try these kid-friendly alternatives instead:

Sarah Reinhart gave us five great tips for taking better pictures of our kids. Read it HERE. Don't worry, I'll save your spot. 

This week, I've got a few great baby poses for you to try out those awesome tips from Sarah.


Whether you're hitting up the pool (like me!), the beach, or just your own backyard--summer is a great season (the best?) for capturing those special moments in childhood.