No Jar Required: 5 Easy Foods for Baby - Milk & Baby

Does the idea of making your own baby food, intimidate you? It may seem tricky when you’re standing in the grocery store aisle looking at the ages-and-stages as determined by big business. Sure, some foods do take a little more preparation than others, but when it comes down to it, your baby can eat a lot of the simple and good foods that you eat. Just follow the basic guidelines your pediatrician gives such as waiting a bit for nuts and honey, and choose organic produce to minimize the chemicals you introduce to your child. Here are five simple foods that you and your baby both can enjoy.


    We are very excited to have a guest blogger, Miranda from The Busy Bee Blog, here today. Miranda, the busiest bee, is a 24-year-old wife, mother, amateur photographer, and life blogger. She lives in Georgia with her loving, patient husband and two energetic children; a son (3 years) and a daughter (9 months). Today Miranda wanted to talk about baby's schedule. Schedules aren't for everyone, but those of you who want to learn your baby's unique habits, Miranda thinks it's great to figure out baby's natural routine and let baby lead the way. Thanks for sharing and for the printables Miranda! The following has not been edited or may not necessarily reflect the views of Milk & Baby.