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Pooping After Birth

Pooping After Birth - Milk & Baby

Pooping after Birth

This might suck!

I remember my first poop after birth better than my unmedicated delivery.  I was torn, had been constipated and was just not expecting that kinda pain.  So I am here to warn you and help make this a little better.  

I am not a medical professional but just sharing tried and true tips. 

What helps

Drink a lot of water and eat fiber (fruits and veggies)! 

Use the stool softeners if your medical professional recommends them.  Mine did and I thought what do I need these for, bad idea. 

Use a stool, trash can or Sqatty Potty to elevate your feet. 

DO NOT strain! Push gently and breath out like yoga. if that doesnt work get up and move around and wait for the feeling to return. 

Use a sitz or herbal bath, this can help with swelling and help to relax you. 

DO NOT wipe! Use a peri bottle or a bidet and gently pat. 

When to call a doctor

If your issues are not resolving themselves in a few weeks or they get worse. 

Continued pain, ongoing diarrhea, or see mucus or blood. 

Remain constipated and no not return to your regular bathroom schedule. 

What I recommend to help

Herbal Sitz Bath


Peri Bottle


Squatty Potty Osl


(Amazon affiliate link)

Squatty Potty Original


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